Some Google Home smart speakers bricked by recent firmware

The problem seems to only affect Home and Home Mini smart speakers

Google Home Mini

Usually, Google’s Home line of smart speakers — now under the Nest banner — are updated without users even knowing.

Now, it seems like a recent update is bricking some devices. Worse yet, affected Home units can’t be fixed.

Reports of the update bricking Google Home devices have appeared on Google’s forums as well as on Reddit and was first reported by Android Police.

Following the update, home speakers are completely unresponsive with all of the device’s four LEDs lighting up. Some users have solved the issue by rebooting or factory resetting the smart speaker, though many haven’t found a solution to the problem.

Please help. Stuck Google home, 4 lights, no response no connection from r/googlehome

Google says it’s working on a solution to the issue, but there’s no current timeline for when it will release a fix. The problem seems only to be affecting Google Home and the Google Home Mini speakers. It’s unclear if the recently revealed Nest Mini, which features improved sound quality, also suffers from the issue.

Any Google Home or Home Mini devices experiencing the issue is out of warranty and won’t be replaced by Google.

Source: Google, Reddit Via: Android Police