Huawei launches 5G Mate X in China, global sales ‘under review’

Huawei reports it has now sold a total of 200 million smartphones in 2019

Huawei is taking orders for its 5G Mate X foldable phone in China with a 16,999 yuan (about $3,147 CAD) price tag on it.

The anticipated luxury smartphone was delayed twice this year for various reasons. In May, Huawei Canada’s Kevin Li told MobileSyrup that the company planned to delay the launch of the Mate X in Canada to ensure it could deliver a high-quality handset.

Reuters reported that the phone was set to launch in China first as Huawei deals with the U.S. trade blacklist that was imposed on the company in May. It indicated that global sales of the foldable device have not been released yet and are still “under review.”

“Our strategy is based on carriers’ 5G roll out in different regions. So far, Huawei has made the Huawei Mate X available in the China market on November 15th. A global launch plan is under review,” Huawei said in a statement to The Verge.

The phone is 5G capable and features Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor and Barong 5000 modem. It also includes a dual-cell 4,500mAh battery that can be recharged to 85 percent in half an hour. When unfolded, its display is 8-inches and when folded it has a 6.6-inch screen on the front and a 6.38-inch panel on the back.

During this launch, Huawei also reported that it shipped 200 million smartphones in 2019. It reached this number 64 days earlier than it did last year.

Source: Reuters, The Verge