Grocery store Sobeys launching ‘Smart Cart’ pilot program in Canada

What a time to be alive

Sobeys Smart Cart

Through a partnership with technology company Caper, Sobeys is launching what the grocery store chain calls “the first intelligent shopping cart.”

The new smart grocery cart features an interactive map, a scanner and a built-in debit machine that lets customers self-checkout on the go. This allows Smart Cart users to skip the line and scan items while they’re shopping.

The cart is also equipped with the ability to weigh products as customers place them in the cart, along with high-resolution cameras that are capable of capturing 120 images per second.

“This is a unique way for us to test innovative new technologies aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience and learn how best to make it faster and easier. The carts will also give our in-store teammates more time to interact with customers and answer questions about food and new products,” said Mathieu Lacoursiere, Sobeys’ vice president of retail support.

Finally, Sobeys goes on to state that the Smart Cart features “AI and machine learning technology” that allows it to identify items better as they’re placed in the cart.

Sobeys’ Smart Cart is set to first be available at the grocery chain’s Glen Abbey, Oakville, Ontario location as part of the company’s CX Learning Lab.

As someone who hates grocery shopping and lines with an intense passion, the prospect of having my items automatically scanned, and then being able to checkout immediately when I’m done shopping is very appealing.

It’s unclear if Sobeys plans to bring its Smart Cart to more of its locations following the pilot program.

Source: Newswire