TTC to stop ticket, tokens and pass sales at fare booths on November 30

Don't worry, some third-party locations will still stock the older fare types

The Toronto Transit Commission is beginning the next step of its Presto rollout by phasing out tickets, tokens and passes from collector booths.

Transit riders in the Toronto area will still be able to buy these forms of vouchers from some third-party locations. There’s a list of third-party sellers on the TTC’s website. 

The commission also mentions that there is no expiry date for the old form of fare vouchers, except GTA Weekly Passes can only be used until December 1st, 2019. The agency also mentions that users without a large buffer of tickets, tokens or passes should be ready for lineups at Presto machines on December 1st.

Instead of tickets, tokens and passes, the Transit Commission is pushing users to buy Presto Cards. There are two forms of Presto cards, plus the TTC has promised that it’s working on a mobile payment version for Android phones. 

Regular, multi-use Presto Cards cost $6 CAD and can be re-loaded as many times as a user wants. Single-use Preso cost either $3.25 for a single ride, $6.50 for a two-way trip or $13 for a day pass.

You can buy these cards at vending machines in subway stations, Shoppers Drug Marts, the Presto card website or the TTC Customer Service Centre above Davisville Station.

This change seems to be a long-time coming since the TTC even converted its collector booths at Yorkdale and Lawrence West stations in January of 2019 into customer service centres. It also launched a mobile app for re-loading Presto cards in late 2018.

Source: Toronto Transit Commission