Twitter to introduce policy to combat deepfakes on its platform

Twitter is the latest social media giant trying to fight deepfakes on its platform


Twitter has announced that it will soon implement a new policy to fight deepfakes, and is asking the public for feedback on the matter.

The social media giant said the policy will detect and remove deepfake content, especially when the content could “threaten someone’s physical safety or lead to offline harm.”

It says it is taking this step to address the considerable damage that could occur when deepfakes are shared on the platform.

The company is referring to deepfake content as “synthetic and manipulated media,” which refers to content that has been created using artificial intelligence and depicts someone doing or saying something fabricated.

Twitter will have a feedback period to allow people to guide the platform on how to refine the policy before it goes into action.

A number of different tech giants are fighting the spread of deepfakes. Earlier this week, Amazon joined Facebook and Amazon for the Deepfake Detection Challenge. The challenge is meant to develop ways to better identify doctored content.

Source: Twitter