iFixit gives the Pixel 4 XL a low repairability score of 4

It turns out Samsung makes the handset's screen

Mobile device repair guide website iFixit recently tore apart the Google Pixel 4 XL and it turns out it isn’t the easiest phone out there to fix.

Notably, the website discovered that to fix the phone’s screen, you need to disassemble the device starting from the back.

On a positive note, iFixit says that the device uses the same Torx 3 screw standard throughout the entire phone, which is a nice touch. It also seems like the Pixel 4 is sealed for waterproofing.

Inside the device, the website was able to find out that Samsung manufacturers the handset’s display. This is a bit od since the Korean company doesn’t even use 90Hz displays in any of its own devices.

Interestingly enough, the phone’s wireless data modem is from Skyworks and features 5G in its extended name. iFixit found out that it’s the Skyworks ‘SKY5®-8212-11 Front-End Module for 5G NR, LTE, WCDMA and CDMA.’ The Pixel 4 doesn’t feature 5G and the Skywork’s modem listing also doesn’t include any mention of the new standard apart from its name, making this an intriguing, yet unexplained find.

Other finds include a mystery RAM chip from Samsung that’s thought to be for the dedicated Pixel Neural Core, and a four-core audio processor to help with live transcription.

All in, there’s a lot going on inside this phone, but if you break it, it’s going to be tough to repair. Notably, four is the same score that it gave the Pixel 3 XL last year.

Source: iFixit