Apple not spending $300 million USD on ‘The Morning Show’ says director

It seems like Apple isn't spending as much on its programming as previously reported

It’s Apple TV+ eve and to celebrate the occasion the director of The Morning Show says that the show has a high budget, but it isn’t not $300 million over two years.

The director’s name is Mimi Leder, and she told Business Insider that reports that the show has a two year $300 million USD ($395 million CAD) budget is “way overblown.”

Publications like Bloomberg and Variety have previously reported that the show cost a ton. The later reported that the show would cost $15 million USD ($19 million CAD) per episode. That said, Leder refused to say exactly what the show’s budget is. Instead, she mentions that it’s in-line with other high-end TV programs.

If the Show did have a $15 million USD budget per episode, it would cost as much as the final season of Game Of Thrones, per episode, but cost more overall since the Apple TV+ original season lasts longer.

It’s also been reported that the Apple TV+ original See also has a massive budget of $240 million USD ($326 CAD) for two seasons. Although, now that The Morning Show’s reported budget has been contested, it’s unclear if See’s is actually that large.

Source: Business Insider