Minecraft Earth launches in early access on Android and iOS in Canada

You can also try the game out at the Microsoft Store

Minecraft Earth

Microsoft has confirmed that its free-to-play Minecraft Earth mobile game has launched in early access on Android and iOS in Canada.

Unveiled earlier this year, Minecraft Earth is a Pokémon Go-like experience focused on building structures through augmented reality. Players are encouraged to explore the real world so their in-game avatar can collect resources, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and meet friends.

Minecraft Earth allows players to build either alone or together, with augmented reality bringing the creations to life and making them interactive.

Minecraft Earth requires a device running iOS 10 and Android 8 or newer. Alternatively, Microsoft says people can try out the game by visiting a Microsoft Store in Canada.

Microsoft has yet to confirm an official launch date for Minecraft Earth. More information on the game can be found on this dedicated FAQ page.

Source: Microsoft