Data shows Apple is focusing on ‘slow-roll’ marketing for its streaming service

It seems that the tech giant's hardware is still its top priority in terms of marketing

Apple TV+

Apple is reportedly taking a ‘slow-roll’ approach when it comes to marketing its new streaming service, according to a report from The New York Times.

The spending data shows that Apple TV+ is not the tech giant’s top priority in terms of marketing.

The New York Times compared the amount that Apple spent on advertising the streaming service with how much it has allocated to advertise its latest iPhone.

For instance, Apple spent $19.9 million USD (approximately $26 million CAD) on commercials for Apple TV+. However, it spent $38.6 million USD (approximately $50 million CAD) on commercials for the new iPhone.

In comparison to the money spent on Disney+ advertisements, Apple’s marketing tactics for its streaming service have been more muted. However, this could be due to the fact that Apple TV+ has debuted with a smaller lineup than Disney+ will.

“Consumers are just drowning in content right now, and all of these services are competing for our time. But they’re all approaching the market differently. This isn’t some race for Apple. It’s a slow roll,” Dan Rayburn, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan told The New York Times.

Although Apple has entered into the world of streaming services, it seems that its hardware is still its top priority.

Apple TV+ launched on November 1st and costs $5.99 CAD/month with a free seven-day trial to start.

Source: The New York Times