Here are the Samsung Galaxy S11 series, OnePlus 8 Pro and Moto G8 leaks from last week

These leaks date back to November 2nd

Galaxy S10

Even though October is over, ‘techtober’ doesn’t officially end until the launch of next week’s Motorola Razr. The rumour mill seemed to be slowly running dry, but a slew of recent leaks this week has gotten things going again.

This is a rundown of this past week’s leaks, including rumours related to upcoming Samsung, OnePlus and Motorola smartphones.


Even though the Galaxy S11 series won’t launch until next year, we’re already learning more about Samsung’s upcoming lineup of handsets.

The S11e will reportedly sport a battery size ranging between 3,730mAh and 4,000mAh based on information regarding voltage and wattage details.

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The Galaxy S11 has reportedly been given the internal codename ‘Hubble.’ The codename likely represents the S11’s zoom functionality. The handset will reportedly sport a periscope camera, allowing it to zoom up to 5x without digitally enhancing the image.

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OnePlus’ 8 Pro could feature a 120Hz display. The rumour comes from leaker Max J (@Samsung_News_) who posted an image that reads “120 Hz.”

However, it’s unclear where Max received this information. Currently, the OP7 Pro features a 90Hz display, which makes the phone’s screen look smoother than a typical smartphone.

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A promotional ad for Moto G8 promotional ad leaked online. On the front, the phone features a v-shaped notch as well as a dual triple-facing camera setup with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the M logo.

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