Apple reportedly plans to launch AR headset in 2022, smart glasses in 2023

Apple wants its AR projects to replace the iPhone "in roughly a decade"


Rumours surrounding Apple’s augmented reality ambitions continue to swirl.

The latest report, courtesy of The Information, indicates Apple plans to launch an augmented reality (AR) headset in 2022, with a sleeker pair of AR glasses set to follow in 2023.

While we’ve seen similar reports regarding Apple’s augmented reality plans over the last few months, this one is a little different.

The Information states that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook presented the project internally to roughly 1,000 Apple employees, an uncharacteristic move for the company given it typically operates on a need-to-know basis with isolated teams. The report also cites several details we haven’t seen before about Apple’s AR project.

First, the AR headset, which will reportedly be lightweight and comfortable, is codenamed ‘N301.’ Apple’s AR headset is also set to look more streamlined than the Oculus Quest and will feature cameras mounted around it.

The inside of Apple’s AR headset will feature a high-resolution display, along with 3D-mapping that has the ability to detect humans.

On the other hand, Apple’s AR glasses, which are reportedly designed to be worn all day, currently have the codename ‘N421.’ The glasses are set to feature a slimmer, lighter design and will be more comfortable than the company’s AR headset.

The current prototype reportedly looks like sunglasses with thicker frames. The glasses will also feature technology that darkens the lenses when the wearer is using AR.

The ultimate goal of these new projects is to replace the need to carry an iPhone around “in roughly a decade,” according to The Information’s sources. Apple is likely waiting for 5G to arrive to release these new devices.

Source: The Information