Chatr, Lucky Mobile offer $50/8GB plans with unlimited Canada, U.S. calling

Chatr is also offering a promotional $40/4GB plan

Rogers’ flanker brand Chatr mobile is offering a limited time deal with 8GB of data available for $50 per month.

Typically, the plan comes with 6GB of data at 3G speeds, followed by unlimited usage at a reduced speed if customers burn through their 3G data. However, according to Chatr’s website, the deal adds an extra 2GB of bonus data to the plan. The offer is “available for a limited time and subject to change without notice.” It’s not clear when Chatr will stop offering the deal.

Those looking for a bit of extra data can get a 500MB bonus if they sign up for Chatr’s Auto-Pay service, giving them a total of 8.5GB per month.

Additionally, the plan includes unlimited Canada and U.S. talk, unlimited text to Canada, U.S. and international numbers, voicemail and Chatr’s ‘International Talk Saver‘ feature.

Bell-owned Lucky Mobile offers a similar $50/8GB plan also with unlimited Canada and U.S. talk, and unlimited Canada, U.S. and international texting. Further, customers can get a bonus 500MB when activating with Lucky’s ‘Automatic Top-Up.’ Again, data is capped at 3G speed but when customers go over their allotted amount, data speeds are slowed to a maximum of 128Kbps.

On top of the $50/8GB offer, Chatr is also running a promotional $40/4GB plan.

You can learn more about Chatr’s plans on the carrier’s website.