Apple pulls Instagram stalking app ‘Like Patrol’ from App Store

Like Patrol was meant to replace the 'Following Tab' that Instagram recently removed

Apple has removed Like Patrol, which was a third-party app that allowed subscribers to see what Instagram posts their friends were interacting with.

The app was meant to recreate the ‘Following Tab’ that Instagram removed last month after complaints about privacy.

However, Like Patrol went beyond the Following Tab by allowing subscribers to stalk users’ behaviour without them knowing. It would alert you when certain people you followed commented on posts from men or women.

The app was targeted towards people in relationships, saying that they could use Like Patrol to keep tabs on their partners and who they were interacting with.

Instagram filed a cease and desist letter to Like Patrol on October 31st in an attempt to get it removed from the marketplace. The platform said that Like Patrol was improperly using people’s data.

The founder of the app, Sergio Luis Quintero, has said that the company will be fighting against Apple’s decision and attempting to return to the App Store.

Like Patrol first launched on the App Store in July, but never made its way to Google Play for Android users.

Source: CNET