Walmart Canada partners with Telus for pharmacy management solution in Quebec

The partnership aims to help patients get more detailed treatments and information from their pharmacist

Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada announced that it has chosen Telus’ pharmacy management solution for its Accès pharma locations in Quebec.

The pharmacy management solution called Ubik gives patients to access more clinical health services while allowing pharmacists to collaborate digitally with other healthcare professionals.

This includes things like, “chronic illness monitoring, personalized care plan development, online prescription renewals, and educational support on medications,” states Telus’ press release.

“Our pharmacists can now offer a broader range of services to patients and improve their experience with us both in-person and online,” said Erik Botines, the director of Quebec Pharmacy at Walmart Canada, in a press release.

Ubik will modernize 68 pharmacies in Quebec by enhancing inventory organization and online prescription management. It will also introduce messaging and connectivity features that allow pharmacists to communicate with their patients digitally.

Source: Telus