No, you won’t lose games you bought with Stadia Pro discounts once your subscription ends

A comment made by the official Google Stadia Twitter account has led to some confusion

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Google Stadia games purchased using Stadia Pro discounts will remain accessible after the subscription ends, Google has confirmed to MobileSyrup.

While this might seem obvious, there was some confusion surrounding how these discounts work, based on a comment made by the official Stadia Twitter account.

On Twitter, a user asked whether he’d have to keep paying for Stadia Pro to keep the games he bought with the subscription’s discount. In response, the account noted that users will lose access to their games once their Stadia Pro subscription ends. This came as somewhat of a shock to users, given that they just assumed games that they paid for would remain accessible regardless of subscription status.

It’s worth noting that the Stadia account’s comment was in Italian, although multiple reddit users who speak the language vouched for the accuracy of the translation. The Google Stadia Twitter account has since been replying to users to clarify that they’ll be able to keep games purchased with Stadia Pro discounts.

Ultimately, though, this was all just the result of a miscommunication. Google says you will only lose access to games that are offered for free with Stadia Pro — such as Destiny 2: The Collection — once a subscription expires. This makes much more sense and is in line with Sony’s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscription services, which offer free games only as long as subscriptions remain active.

While the Stadia Pro discounts situation has been cleared up, the game streaming service’s launch is still marred by other issues. Firstly, Stadia is missing many features Google promised it would have, including Google Assistant, family sharing, 4K streaming on PC and more. Google says some of these features will come by the end of the year, while others are slated to roll out in early 2020.

Further, many users have yet to receive either Stadia access codes, regardless of when they pre-ordered. The codes are meant to be a way for users to begin streaming as they wait for their physical bundles containing Stadia controllers and Chromecast Ultras to arrive. Those bundles have also been taking days to arrive to users, even if they pre-ordered well in advance.

Source: Google