Loblaws now selling furniture, toys, baby gear and more online

Loblaws is calling these items 'complementary' to the grocery experience

Loblaws, a company known for selling groceries, is expanding its online store to sell goods from third-party retailers.

The grocery chain began selling items you would find in its store online in late 2014. Since then, it’s expanded the service to include over 700 pickup locations and the ability to deliver products to roughly 70 percent of Canadians.

Now, the retailer is partnering with third-parties like Mattress Direct Canada and IH Casa Decor, among many others.

The company’s vice president of digital, Hesham Fahmy, said in a press release that Loblaws made this pivot since it makes sense for them to offer typical items you’d get from a grocery store alongside complementary products.

“For example, as new parents prepare for a baby with diapers and formula, they would probably find it very convenient to be able to order blankets, washcloths or even a crib through us,” said Fahmy.

When you visit the PC Express website, you’ll now see a popup in the bottom right corner that says ‘New Online Exclusives!’ This link will take you to a section where you can browse the new categories and the products within them. When you order these products, they’ll be shipped to your door. It’s also worth noting that you can’t redeem PC Optimum points to buy these new products, but you can still earn points.

This is an exciting move for Loblaws, which helps position the grocery chain to better compete with established online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. While the Canadian grocery giant doesn’t sell many third-party items right now, it’s set up to offer pretty much everything, plus groceries. This could make it a really handy one-stop-shop in a few years when it builds out its third-party marketplace.

Source: Loblaws