Some Google Stadia users receiving firmware update to enable old Chromecast Ultras

A solution while you wait for your orders to arrive

A number of Google Stadia users have been able to get the game streaming service up and running on their existing Chromecast Ultra models.

At launch, Stadia only supports Chromecast Ultras that were included in the Founders or Premiere Edition bundles. Streaming on any other Chromecast Ultra will be enabled through a firmware update, Google has said, although no specific rollout time was mentioned.

However, Stadia customers have been able to manually trigger the firmware update by playing around with the settings.

In a Reddit thread, users mentioned that going to Settings, turning Preview Program ‘on’ and rebooting the Chromecast will cause the firmware update to begin. It’s unclear if this works for every user. For what it’s worth, I received a Chromecast Ultra with the necessary firmware as part of my review package, so I’m unable to test this on my end.

Google confirmed on Thursday that Premiere Editions will begin shipping early next week. Therefore, the manual firmware update “trick” could be a workaround for people who have received their Stadia access codes but have yet to be sent their bundles containing the updated Chromecast.

If you bought Stadia, are you able to get the firmware update on your older Chromecast models? Let us know in the comments.

Via: 9to5Google