Amazon Alexa will soon come to much smaller devices

Amazon did not reveal what kind of devices, but the possibilities are endless

Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated assistant will be coming to smaller devices that require less memory.

Previously Amazon required Alexa to run on devices with at least 100MB of RAM and an ARM Cortex-A processor. Now, Alexa will also be able to run on a cheap Cortex-M processor and 1MB of memory.

“We now offload the vast majority of all this to the cloud,” AWS IoT vice-president Dirk Didascalou said to TechCrunch. “The only thing that the device still needs to do is wake word detection.”

Amazon has not confirmed the specific devices it will be supporting, but this opens up Alexa compatibility with a much more extensive range of products.

Source: TechCrunch Via: Engadget