Call of Duty: Mobile hits 170 million downloads, $87 million in revenue: report

The game continues to do well, but its momentum has slowed significantly

Call of Duty: Mobile

Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile has been downloaded 170 million times across Android and iOS, based on estimates released by mobile game analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Further, the free-to-play shooter has generated $87 million USD ($115 million CAD) in global player spending, reports Sensor Tower. Download and revenue counts are both taken from the game’s first two months on the market, starting from its October 1st launch date.

As Sensor Tower notes, these numbers show that Call of Duty: Mobile‘s momentum slowed greatly between October and November. In October, Call of Duty: Mobile was downloaded 146 million times, making it the biggest mobile game launch in history. However, the game was only downloaded about 21 million times in November, according to Sensor Tower.

Nonetheless, the firm says spending in Call of Duty: Mobile “remains strong,” as it continuously places in the top 25 grossing titles in many countries.

It’s worth noting that zombies were added to Call of Duty: Mobile late last month as part of a major update. Given how popular the undead-killing mode is among Call of Duty players on consoles, it remains to be seen whether this update will bring more people into Mobile. 

Source: Sensor Tower