Tesla’s Cybertruck has been spotted in Los Angeles

The Reddit user says Elon Musk drove the Cybertruck to a restaurant

A Reddit user in Los Angeles, California spotted Tesla’s Cybertruck and shared a picture online.

The Reddit user claims that he saw Elon Musk at a restaurant called ‘Nobu’ and that Musk drove the Cybertruck to the restaurant.

A user on Instagram also previously saw the Cybertruck on a road in Hawthorne, California near the SpaceX headquarters.

Source: Chicago_roy

The automaker recently pushed its production schedule around to make the high-end version of the vehicle available a year earlier.

The new timeline will see the most expensive (roughly, $90,196 CAD) tri-motor all-wheel driver version of the truck hit production in late 2021 instead of late 2022. The least expensive (roughly, $50,980 CAD) single-motor rear-wheel drive option has been bumped back to late 2022, instead of the end of 2021.

Image credit: Reddit

Source: Reddit