Google says Stadia achievements are coming to mobile in 2020 with more features

More stats related to player progress are also on the way

Earlier this week, Google launched achievements for Stadia on desktop and Chromecast-connected TVs.

Now, Google has confirmed that achievement support will come to mobile sometime in 2020, although a more specific window was not mentioned.

As the name suggests, Stadia achievements work similarly to Xbox’s Achievements or PlayStation’s Trophies and give players digital awards for fulfilling certain in-game objectives. Since its launch in November, Stadia has been tracking progress in games so that players would still earn achievements once the feature eventually rolled out.

Google says there is “more in store” for achievements in general, including, most notably, additional stats in the achievement page. For example, viewing progress for creepy Stadia exclusive Gylt will reveal information related to total game playtime and how many times the player escaped and died.

It’s unclear when these more in-depth achievement stats will roll out, but Google says don’t “expect too much news until [the Stadia team is] all back in January.”

Via: 9to5Google