Google begins selling the Stadia ‘Claw’ accessory in Canada

The Claw costs $19.99 CAD

Google Stadia controller mount

Google has started selling Stadia‘s ‘Power Support Claw’ accessory on the Google Store website in Canada for $19.99 CAD.

The Claw is specifically designed to mount a phone while fitting around a Stadia controller’s buttons.

Google hadn’t previously said exactly when the Claw would go on sale, but Stadia users took to Reddit on Friday to report the accessory’s availability on the Canadian Google Store.

While Stadia only supports Pixel phones at the moment, Google says the Claw will fit other handsets as well.

It’s important to note that Google has warned users that the Claw may damage the Stadia controller. One reviewer discovered as much last month, with the accessory leaving scuff marks on the gamepad.

Therefore, buy the Claw at your own discretion.

Via: 9to5Google