Original Doom re-releases get 60fps, add-ons and quick saves on mobile

Adding some much-needed fluidity to these versions of the twitch shooter games

Doom 1993

Bethesda has updated its Doom and Doom 2 re-releases with a suite of new features.

Now, the 1993 original game and its 1994 sequel have received 60 frames per second visuals, quick save functionality and free add-ons. These updates apply to all versions of both games across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android.

The 60fps overhaul is particularly notable since the original re-releases only supported 35fps. Given that Doom is renowned for its fast, fluid shooter gameplay, this bump in frame rate will no doubt be a welcome change for players.

Meanwhile, one of the add-ons is Sigil, from Doom co-creator John Romero. Bethesda says more add-ons besides the initial lineup will be introduced over time.

The Doom and Doom 2 ports came to modern platforms last summer. Doom Eternal, meanwhile, is the latest entry in the series and is set to launch on March 20th.

Via: Engadget