Pokémon Go made almost a billion dollars in 2019

No other location-based game even came close

Pokémon Go wallpaper on phone

A new report from Sensor Tower shows that Niantic’s Pokémon Go made $894 million USD ($1.1 billion CAD) throughout 2019.

In 2018, the company gathered $816 million USD ($1 billion CAD). Niantic had a low year in 2017 with only $589 million USD ($769 million CAD).

Both 2018 and 2019 saw Niantic falling into stride with a plethora of real-life events and a few in-game events every month to keep players entertained.

It even had a few events that relied on players hatching Eggs. To hatch a Pokémon Egg, players need to buy Incubators with real money so these events were likely significant revenue drivers as well.

The game came out in 2016 and has been able to maintain a steady pace as players continue their Pokémon journeys as new features are added.

Compared to other location-based games Pokémon Go is the most popular by a huge margin. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite came out last year and only made $23 million USD ($30 million CAD) in 2019.

Dragon Quest Walk came in second in this game category with a revenue of $201 million USD ($262 million CAD).

Source: Sensor Tower