Google shares how it’s using AI to make instant weather forecasts

The tech giant says the model could help deal with climate change


Google has shared new research on an AI model that uses machine learning to get “nearly instantaneous” weather forecasts.

The tech giant says that experts have looked into how machine learning could help make better weather predictions.

Google researchers explained in a blog post that they were able to accurately predict rainfall six hours ahead of time within 1km of a location after spending a few minutes on a calculation. This is a significant improvement from the traditional way to make weather predictions, which can take hours.

The researchers say that quick predictions are “an essential tool needed for effective adaptation to climate change, particularly for extreme weather.”

Google thinks that the model would be helpful now more than ever since we’re experiencing unpredictable weather patterns. It could help with crisis management and potentially reduce the loss of life and property in some circumstances.

Source: Google Via: The Verge