Dragon Quest of the Stars hits mobile on February 25, now open for pre-registration

The game is making its way to the West five years after it debuted in Japan

Dragon Quest of the Stars

Square Enix has announced that its mobile JRPG Dragon Quest of the Stars will launch in the West on February 25th.

The mobile JRPG first launched in Japan way back in 2015.

In Dragon Quest of the Stars, you’ll be able to create your own character based on concepts from longtime Dragon Quest designer (and Dragon Ball creator) Akira Toriyama. With a party of four, you’ll travel across the galaxy to stop dangerous monsters.

In terms of gameplay, Stars features Dragon Quest‘s traditional turn-based combat. However, you’ll be able to team up with other people in online multiplayer.

Pre-registration for Dragon Quest of the Stars is now open on Android and will give players the chance to take part in a closed beta. Further, anyone who pre-registers will receive in-game rewards, although Square Enix hasn’t yet confirmed what those are. That said, the company notes that rewards will increase depending on the number of people who pre-register. The pre-registration period runs from January 20th to February 24th.

iOS users, meanwhile, can pre-order the game here.

Via: Siliconera