Criminal groups are using email scams to exploit coronavirus fears

The email scams are attempting to spread malware and retrieve sensitive information


A cybersecurity company says that some criminal groups are taking advantage of coronavirus fears by attempting to spread malware.

Proofpoint, which is located in California, says that it has found a new email scam that is designed to trick users into downloading malware that is able to steal sensitive data from a computer. The attackers are using Microsoft Word attachments to spread malware known as AZORult.

The cybersecurity company told The Associated Press that the hackers are trying to attack the global shipping industry. They are targeting industries that are vulnerable to shipping disruptions. This includes industrial, finance, pharmaceutical, transportation and cosmetic companies.

Proofpoint says that users should be careful when they receive an email related to the coronavirus.

“All emails with Coronavirus-themes and attachments should be treated with caution, even if they don’t appear to be directly health related,” it said.

Proofpoint says the hackers behind the email scam seem to be operating from Russia, or some part of Eastern Europe.

Source: The Associated Press