Competition Bureau outlines vision to enhance competition in the digital economy

The bureau aims to achieve lower prices, more choice and greater innovation

The Competition Bureau unveiled its vision for the next four years, and has detailed how it plans to enhance different sectors including telecommunications.

The bureau says that it plans to take timely action on matters that are important to Canadians by using all of the tools at its disposal.

“We will take timely and evidence-based enforcement action against harmful mergers, abuses of market power, cartels and deceptive marketing practices,” the bureau wrote in its report.

The report outlines that enforcement action will be focused on sectors of the economy that are important to Canadians, which includes online marketing and the telecommunications industry.

Further, the bureau says it is going to seize opportunities to encourage competition and innovation in areas that matter to Canadians. It will provide regulators and policymakers advice on how to foster competition and innovation.

“We will maximize the impact of our work by focusing advocacy efforts on markets that matter to Canadians and may be held back by a lack of competitive forces. This will include telecommunications markets, and other sectors where policies impacting competition are taking shape,” the report reads.

Matthew Boswell, the commissioner of competition, says that he’s confident that the bureau will be able to achieve lower prices, more choice and greater innovation in all sectors of the digital economy.

Source: Competition Bureau