Google ‘Ambient Mode’ rolling out to OnePlus phones

It's coming all the way back to the OnePlus 3

A wide swath of OnePlus phones are slowly updating to receive Google’s ‘Ambient Mode.’

OnePlus says that the update is coming to the OnePlus 3 and every phone released after that one.

Ambient Mode is slightly different from the ‘Always-on display’ that lots of Android phones have since it only becomes available while the phone is charging.

Think of it as a passive version ‘My Day’ section in the Google Assistant app. That means when your phone is charging, you can glance at it and learn about upcoming alarms, current and future weather, calendar information, smart home controls and more.

There are a lot of ways to look at Ambient Mode, but the easiest is to compare it to something like the Nest Hub. I think this is a really slick feature since my favourite part of Google’s Assistant-powered smart displays is their passive information.

The feature hasn’t rolled out to either the OnePlus 7T or the 7 Pro in our office and OnePlus says it could take up to a week for most people to get the feature.

OnePlus says to enable the feature your phone must be running at least Android 8. Then, open the Google Assistant app’s settings > select the Assistant tab > Devices > Phone. If the setting is available for you, it should be in there.

Source: OnePlus