Google adds 1,000 more stunning pictures to Earth View

There are even a bunch of picture of Canada

Google is adding 1,000 more images to its famous Earth View catalogue of beautiful photos of our planet.

The most popular way you may have interacted with Earth View is with Google’s Chromecast. One of the more popular screensaver options on the device uses Earth View images on your TV. Other than that, it’s useful to make wallpapers for your other devices.

Google’s blog post says that Google Earth project Manager Gopal Shah once saw the Salt Ponds near San Francisco from an airplane and wanted to look them up on Google Earth. Once he saw them on Google Earth, he thought that they looked awesome, and from there, Earth View was born.

So if you’re looking for cool images of Earth as seen from space, then this little app is perfect for you.

Google says that it has over 2,500 landscape images in Earth View and it’s created a new app that allows users to search for the pictures by colour, which is actually very cool. The company also says that the new images feature brighter colours, sharper images and resolutions up to 4K.

Source: Google