Samsung’s ‘Single Take’ photo mode looks like a ton of fun

Single Take is built for Instagram

One of the new Galaxy S20 features that Samsung glossed over at its Unpacked event is a camera mode called ‘Single Take’ that allows users to snap 14 photos and some videos all at once.

The feature is simple: you open the camera app and navigate to the Single Take mode. Then when you take a picture, hold the phone steady from three to 10 seconds as the camera gathers information.

Once that’s done, you’re presented with a ton of pictures, video and more. All of the photos will be different with varying filters and crops. The phone uses AI to look for faces and movement and tries to focus on those aspects of the image.

In terms of video, Single Take records regular videos, short hyper lapses and boomerang type videos.

Overall, this looks like a pretty awesome feature that will be a hit among teens and other people that really like posting to social media.

Source: Samsung