AI company develops eye-tracking tech to detect multiple sclerosis

The company hopes to be able to use the technology to detect more illnesses in the future

machine learning

A California-based neurotech and AI company has developed eye-tracking technology that is able to detect multiple sclerosis.

The company, C. Light Technologies, aims to help doctors detect and diagnose neurological conditions faster and with more precision using AI and machine learning.

All that patients have to do is look at an outlined target for 10 seconds, during which the system records a video. The technology is then able to predict neurological problems using machine learning. Most eye-tracking technologies usually track the pupil, but this system looks at the retina. The system is able to recognize and analyze movements 1/100th the size of a human hair.

Another factor that sets this technology apart from others is the fact that patients don’t have to use eye drops prior to the test. They can also blink during the test, which isn’t usually the case with other eye-tracking technologies.

The company hopes to be able to use the technology to detect Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Parkinson’s disease and concussions in the future.

Source: C. Light Technologies Via: Engadget