Google is bringing more security measures to Nest accounts

The company still says its safer to simply migrate over to a Google account

Google is bringing more security measures to its Nest accounts, the company announced in a blog post.

Starting this spring, two-factor authentication will be required for all Nest users who are not already using this security measure. When a new login is initiated, the user will receive an email from “account@nest.com” with a six-digit code. Without the code, the user will not be able to access the account. Alongside this in December, Google added email notifications for login attempts. Now, when someone logs into your account, you’ll receive a notification email. If you don’t recognize the login attempt, you can change your password.

Google is also bringing what it calls ‘reCaptcha Enterprise’ to its Nest accounts. The reCaptcha Enterprise detects automated attacks and defends against them. Google accounts already have this security measure, but now, so will Nest accounts. Users will not need to enable the feature.

With these security measures in place, Google believes that it’ll help cut down on the possibility of an unauthorized user accessing your Nest account. This is especially helpful for those who haven’t migrated to a Google account, as Google accounts already have these built-in protections.

Google says the best way to stay protected is to migrate to a Google account.

Source: Google Blog