Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker offered as S20 pre-order bonus in South Korea

You're not getting one of these anytime soon

Samsung is still seemingly having issues with its Galaxy Home line of smart speakers.

The latest revelation in the long-drawn-out smart Samsung smart speaker saga is that the Galaxy Home Mini is coming to South Korea as a Galaxy S20 pre-order bonus.

It’s unclear if the company plans to release the Galaxy Home Mini or even the Galaxy Home separately sometime soon.

Samsung first showed off the full-sized Galaxy Home speaker back in 2018, but since then we have heard almost nothing about it. Sometime after that, we caught wind of another Galaxy Home speaker, the smaller Home Mini.

Next, we learned that some people were beta testing the speaker in South Korea, and then, once again, silence.

It’s unclear what is causing the speaker’s release to be delayed. In reality, it doesn’t even really need to be released in North America. We already have Amazon’s Echo devices and Google’s Nest products, which both run decent smart home/voice assistant operating systems.

Since Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby is less than stellar, it’s likely the speaker wouldn’t end up being that great anyways.

Source: The Verge