Shooting 8K video with Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series uses 600MB per minute

8K video is also locked to 24fps

Samsung Galaxy S20 camera

The fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is capable of shooting 8K video is incredible, but as expected, the resulting high-resolution video files take up a lot of storage space on the smartphone.

Samsung says that 8K video footage will eat up 600MB per minute, with five minutes of 8K footage taking of a total of 3GB of space. The maximum recording time is also capped at five minutes, according to SamMobile.

Further, the frame rate is locked to 24fps and there is no option to shoot at 60fps or 30fps. Video stabilization also isn’t available at 8K, which is disappointing given how useful the feature is.

This means that while it’s great Samsung’s S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra are capable of shooting 8K video, actually capturing video at the resolution comes with several compromises.

Given 4K content still isn’t that prevalent, particularly in Canada, it’s unlikely many will even have a TV capable of displaying video shot with the S20 at 8K. That said, you can capture 33-megapixel photographs from the 8K video, as well as crop down to 4K and 1080p, which could be useful for some people.

It also remains unclear exactly how good Samsung’s S20 series is at capturing 8K video. We’ll have more on the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra’s ability to capture 8K video in our review of the smartphone.

The S20 is only available with 128GB of storage, while the S20+ and S20 Ultra come in 128GB and 512GB.

Source: SamMobile Via: The Verge