Telus 20GB Peace of Mind Connect plan with endless data now $85

You can share this data pool with a tablet and smartwatch, too


National carrier Telus is offering a deal on 20GB of endless data for $85, which is $10 less than the plan generally costs.

Telus isn’t the first carrier to do this, but it’s the only one left that’s offering the deal.

The deal includes 20GB of full-speed data that’s throttled down to 512KBps after the initial 20GB is used, making it an unlimited plan. It’s also a ‘Peace of Mind Connect’ plan, so that means you can share this data pool with your other smart devices like an iPad or smartwatch.

Also included is unlimited Canada-wide texting, call display, call waiting, voicemail and unlimited Canada-wide calling.

You can get the deal from Telus until February 17th.

Source: Telus