Uber launches ‘RideCheck’ safety feature in Canada

The feature first came to the U.S. last fall

Uber RideCheck

Uber has brought its RideCheck safety feature to Canada, following a U.S. launch in the fall.

With RideCheck, Uber will be able to contact both drivers and passengers to make sure they’re okay. To do this, Uber leverages its GPS tracking technology to gauge whether something may have gone wrong during a trip, such as an unexpected long stop or possible crash.

Uber will then initiate a RideCheck, which will send a notification to the driver and rider’s respective phones asking if they’re alright. If it was a false alarm, you can simply select ‘I’m fine, I stopped on purpose’ to dismiss the message.

However, if you do actually need assistance, you’ll be able to choose one of the following options:

  • 911 Assistance (for emergencies)
  • Call Uber Safety Line (for less urgent concerns)
  • Report a crash (Uber says it can expedite insurance claims in these cases)
  • Add or change destination
  • Share My Trip

Uber says it’s working on “adding additional scenarios to RideCheck.”

RideCheck is available in all Canadian cities where Uber operates. However, Safety Line and crash detection are not available in Quebec. That said, drivers and riders in Quebec will still receive an in-app message asking whether they’re safe if long stops are detected.

Source: Uber