Mozilla’s new Firefox for Android hitting Beta channel, getting extensions

Mozilla says that when the new Firefox launches on the stable channel, it will support about 100 recommended extensions

Firefox Preview

For about a year now, Mozilla has been building a completely new version of its Firefox browser for Android. Dubbed Firefox Preview, it looks sharp, works well and includes extension and add-on support.

However, Mozilla announced that extension support is changing a little bit.

Currently, the open-source project is receiving some finishing touches so it can enter the stable release channel in the spring. Meanwhile, Mozilla plans to deprecate its Firefox Preview Nightly app. Instead, Firefox Preview will be where new feature development takes place. Further, starting the week of February 17th, Mozilla will begin migrating the Firefox Preview code into Firefox for Android Beta.

Ahead of that, Mozilla posted a FAQ detailing what’s happening with extension support. At launch, the new Firefox for Android will not have full add-on support. Instead, users will be able to install roughly 100 recommended extensions.

Essentially, once the new version of Firefox hits the stable channel, Mozilla will begin migrating some add-ons that are part of the company’s recommended extensions program from older versions. While Mozilla doesn’t have plans to bring non-recommended extensions to the new Firefox for Android, it does plan to expand support to other add-ons. In other words, the recommended extensions are a starting point for Mozilla.

Those interested can browse the full list of recommended extensions here. It includes some significant extensions like Privacy Badger, NoScript, Facebook Container, LastPass, HTTPS Everywhere and more.

Currently, Firefox Preview Nightly is the only version of the new Firefox for Android that supports extensions. Specifically, it supports one extension — uBlock Origin. Since Mozilla is getting rid of Preview Nightly, it says users should move to Firefox Preview if they want to keep using uBlock Origin. Firefox Preview users should be able to install the extension by mid-February 2020.

Source: Mozilla Via: Android Police