Spotify makes it easier to research songs by who wrote them

Soon you'll be able to dive even deeper into your favourite artist's work

Spotify is launching a new beta feature called ‘Songwriter pages’ that allows listeners to research all of the songs their favourite artist has written, even if they don’t perform them.

Up until now, Spotify has allowed users to read each song’s credits, but it was all very surface level. Now, if the artist you’re looking at has a beta Songwriter page, you can click on their name in the credits and you’ll be taken to the new page. Notably, this isn’t part of the app and will open as a webpage.

The artists that Spotify says already have Songwriter pages are: Meghan TrainorFraser T SmithMissy ElliottTeddy GeigerBen Billions and Justin Tranter. There are also others that the company didn’t share.

When you visit one of these pages, you’ll even see a playlist of all the songs they’ve written.

This is a useful feature, and hopefully, it will help more people discover some songs that they’re favourite artists have written for other singers. Something else that might work is sometimes you can find versions of songs written for other people but performed by the writer on YouTube for a whole new take on the song.

For example, Partynextdoor wrote Rihanna’s hit Work, and you can listen to his version on YouTube.

Source: Spotify