Telus tops ranks in latest OpenSignal mobile experience report

The Vancouver-based national carrier ranked first in five out of the six categories

OpenSignal’s latest report on mobile experiences in Canada ranks Telus as the winner of the Big Three in almost all of the categories surveyed.

Telus ranked first in download speed experience, upload speed experience, latency experience, video experience and 4G availability. However, it did tie with Rogers in the voice app experience category.

“While Opensignal users on all three Canadian operators saw improvements to their network experience, it’s important to note that Telus has managed to surpass its competitors in the majority of the metrics that Opensignal analyzes,” the report reads.

In terms of download speed experience, Telus ranked first with 75Mbps. The report says that this was one of the fastest results that OpenSignal has seen anywhere in the world. Bell came close at 69Mbps while Rogers hit 51.2Mbps.

Concerning upload speed experience, Telus averaged 12.8Mbps, Bell followed with 11.8Mbps and Rogers came in at 11.7Mbps.

Regarding latency experience, the lower the figure the better the latency because that means there’s less lag time when using apps. Telus won with 40.3 milliseconds, Bell followed with 41.3 milliseconds and Rogers averaged 45.2 milliseconds.

Telus scored 77 percent in video experience, Bell followed with 75.6 percent and Rogers hit 70.2 percent.

“In our 4G video experience category, Telus earned an even higher score of 78.5, which is in the ‘Excellent’ range (75-100). Bell was a close second with a score of 77.9. Rogers earned a score of 73.5 which puts it into the ‘Very Good’ category,” the report reads.

In terms of 4G availability, Telus ranked first with 92.7 percent, Bell hit 92.1 percent and Rogers followed with 91.2 percent. The report indicates that all three of the operators surpass the 90 percent mark, when only Telus had achieved that mark in the previous August 2019 OpenSignal report.

In voice app experience, Telus hit 81.2 percent and tied with Rogers, which ranked 80.9 percent. Bell followed with 80.6 percent. The report highlights that all three operators achieved a ‘Good’ ranking with scores above 80.

OpenSignal conducts its reports by collecting individual measurements daily from over 100 million devices globally. The company independently analyzes mobile users experience on network operators.