Google is ready for Valentines day with a ton of helpful Assistant commands

It hurts when a digital assistant is more suave than you

Google is ready for Valentine’s Day even if you’re not with a ton of unique commands to set the ambience, find cute restaurants, prepare for a date and more.

There are tons of Assistant commands that relate in one way or another to Valentine’s Day, so I’ll try my best to organize them below.

Remember to say, “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” before these commands to trigger the Assistant.

Preparing for a date

  • “Add a dozen roses to my shopping list”
  • “Locate the nearest nail salon”
  • “What are the most romantic recipes?”
  • “Can you find me a good spaghetti Bolognese recipe?”
  • “Show romantic dinner recipes”
  • “Tell me a fact about love” (This teaches you about love in the animal kingdom, an essential date skill)
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day” (This teaches you to say “I love you” in 8 different languages (Korean, Mandarin, Hindi, French, Spanish, Danish, Gujarati, Indonesian)
  • “Set a reminder to book a reservation at [name of resturant]”
  • “Do you love me?” (creates a heartfelt poem with the Assistant.)
  • “Show me some restaurants near me with a nice ambiance”
  • “Directions to a flower shop near me”
  • “Show me movie times”

Commands to use on your date

  • “Play YouTube’s Valentine’s Day Playlist”
  • “Help me take a portrait mode photo”
  • “Take a selfie in 10 seconds”
  • “Activate Do Not Disturb”
  • “Enable Wind Down”
  • “Play romantic music”
  • “Serenade me”
  • “Play a podcast about relationships”
  • “Dim the lights”

The secret weapon command

Google has also built a custom command that will turn your colour changing smart lights purple/red and play smooth jazz all in one phrase.

To make this happen, all you need to say is, “Hey Google, turn up the love.”

Source: Google