Unreleased Essential Phone dock was available on eBay

The sale was pulled from eBay

The Essential company is dead and gone, and now it looks like an employee is trying to make a bit of personal profit.

While the listing has been pulled, it seems like a former Essential employee was trying to sell an unreleased Essential charging dock, an Essential Phone and a few other accessories, on eBay.

The offer included the Essential Phone in the ‘Ocean Depths’ colour variant, the clip-on 360-degree camera, a case for the camera, a headphone adapter and a pair of earbuds. Additionally, the included audio adapter and the dock were definitely used.

When the listing was live on eBay, the auction was up to $535 USD ($709 CAD) with 39 bids, according to Android Police.

The auction is no longer available and has been pulled.

This past week the Essential company was shut down. This comes after the company’s CEO was accused of sexually harassing Google employees.

Source: eBay Via: Android Police