‘Fortnite’ resurrects Rickrolling so you can absolutely decimate your foes

How long before young 'Fortnite' fans are doing this dance everywhere they go?

Fortnite resurrected popular internet meme and troll tactic dubbed ‘Rickrolling’ with a new in-game emote.

Called ‘Never Gonna’ in the game, this new emote sees your character dance just like Rick Astley does in the video for the song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.” Further, when you perform the emote, Fortnite plays a portion of the song.

Fortnite players can purchase the emote through the in-game shop now for 500 V-bucks, the game’s digital currency. It works out to a little over $5, depending on where you purchase your V-bucks. Those who want to see the emote in action before they buy can check out Fortnite’s tweet below:

The music is what really sets this emote apart, however. It appears to be the first Fornite emote backed by a well-known song. Since copyright protection for songs is well established, it likely means that Epic — the company behind Fortnite — licenced the music. If Epic is willing to do that, it could open up a new world of licenced songs appearing in Fortnite emotes.

Of course, Epic has struggled with copyright in the past. The company was hit with several lawsuits alleging it stole popular dance moves and sold them as Fortnite emotes. However, most of those lawsuits are on pause. Plus, choreographed dance routines can be copyrighted but individual dance moves can’t.

While all that remains to be sorted out, for now at least, Fortnite players can take advantage of the ‘Never Gonna’ emote to Rickroll foes they defeat on the battlefield, leaving enemies absolutely decimated.

Source: Fortnite Via: The Verge