Chrome 81 beta adds support for AR and web NFC

Chrome 81 also adds security enhancements

Google Chrome on Pixel 4

Google has released a Chrome 81 beta that includes WebXR support for browser-based AR and a new Web NFC framework.

Developers will now be able to have a way to bring AR to users across platforms without having to rely on native apps. Chrome 81 enables flags that already existed in the current framework of the software.

Enabling these flags is going to make AR available to users when developers begin using the new capabilities

“Chrome 81 adds two new immersive features to the web, both designed to support augmented reality. The WebXR Device API, first enabled in Chrome 79, now supports augmented reality. We’ve also added support for the WebXR Hit Test API, an API for placing objects in a real-world view,” Google wrote in a blog post.

The new test feature makes it easy for web pages to place virtual objects in the real-world through a camera.

Further, there is also a new Web NFC framework that allows web pages to read and write to NFC tags. Google says that this is going to be useful for museum exhibits and inventory management. Web NFC is still in the trial phase, which means that it could change overtime.

Chrome 81 also adds enhancements to security, and pulls support for the old TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols that secure HTTPS traffic.

Source: Chromium Blog Via: Engadget