About 60 percent of Canadians want MVNOs to have mandated access to Big Three’s network

They believe that mandated access would increase competition in the wireless market

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Around 60 percent of Canadians support new regulations that would require the Big Three to share their infrastructure with smaller providers to promote wireless competition.

The findings, which come from a report from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, come at a time where the CRTC is beginning its two-week-long hearing on the status of the wireless market.

One of the questions that the commission is going to address is whether it will mandate wholesale network access so that MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) can enter the Canadian market.

As a refresher, MVNOs are providers that don’t operate their own spectrum network and instead purchase access to existing networks.

Further, the report found that around 86 percent of Canadians say that universal access to high-speed internet is important for the country’s economy.

The report also outlines that 80 percent of Canadians believe that it’s important that the country’s internet service providers and online service companies invest in building up internet infrastructure inside Canada’s borders.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is not going to fully release its report until before the 2020 Canadian Internet Governance Forum in Montreal, which takes place on March 30th. As such, it is currently unknown how many Canadians were surveyed for the report.

Source: Canadian Internet Registration Authority