Cadillac will release its first electric crossover in April

So far not a lot is known about the car, but GM has a lot riding on this vehicle

Cadillac is planning to showcase its first all-electric crossover this April at the National Auto Dealer Association Convention.

AutoBlog mentions that the New York Autoshow runs from April 10th to 19th, so it’s likely that the vehicle could appear around the 10th.

The car is being built for the first time on GM’s modular BEV3 platform. This allows the automaker to produce many different types of vehicles on the same underlying platform.

Other than that, we only know that the vehicle will be available in both front and rear-wheel drive.

Last year Cadillac pledged that by 2030 a majority of its vehicles will be electric so this is the first step in making that goal a reality.

This upcoming EV will help jumpstart General  Motors’ EV dreams as the company plans to release 20 EVs around the world by 2023, That said, it’s unclear how many of these will come to Canada.

Since this is a Cadillac branded-EV, it will likely be a premium vehicle so it’s expected that it will cost similar to Ford’s Mustang Mach-E crossover or Tesla’s Model Y.

Source: AutoBlog