The latest Gmail update on iOS supports Siri Shortcuts

All you can say is 'Hey Siri, send an email'

The latest update to Gmail on iOS allows users to send emails with their voice.

So far sending emails is the only feature the shortcut allows, but ideally, Google will add more in the future.

To enable this functionality, open the Gmail app’s settings menu and tap on your primary email address. From there, scroll down to Siri Shortcuts and activate the ‘Send Email’ option.

Gmail > Settings > your primary email account > Siri Shorcuts > Send Email

Then, whenever you say “Hey Siri, send an email,” your phone will open up the Gmail compose window for the account you chose to set up.

Take note that Siri Shortcuts are different than the regular Shortcuts app for task automation that’s now preinstalled on iOS 13.

Via: MacRumors