Ring adds mandatory two-factor authentication to its app

The company is working to lock down its platform

Internet-connected security camera and doorbell company Ring has added a couple of new security features to its mobile app, including two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication means that every time a user tries to log into their Ring account they’ll get a notification via text or email with a verification code.

Ring already offered this service to its user, but this new update makes it mandatory.

Beyond the new authentication code, Ring is also giving users more control over what information they share with third-party companies. When you opt-out of this, you’ll no longer receive personalized ads.

Ring says these changes will begin rolling out over the week, so everyone should get them soon. The company says that this is the first step in a long line of privacy and security updates headed towards the platform.

Ring has had a few privacy-related scandals over the last few months as hackers have gained access to some of the companies cameras. Following this, Motherboard broke the news that there were many other security vulnerabilities in the app.