Developers have until the end of 2021 to adapt their apps to Android 11

The first developer preview is available now

Google has launched the Developer Preview for Android 11, and this time around it’s taking it a bit easier on developers.

According to Android Police, developers who have their apps on the Play Store have until the end of 2021 to adjust their apps to fit the Android 11 standards. This one-year deadline falls in line with Google’s policy that states that apps must target an SDK no more than one year older than their latest version — whether if it’s a simple update or if they’re just published.

And while Android 11 won’t officially launch until later this year, developers can now start working on the operating system.  Today’s launch marks the first of three Android Developer Previews. Google will also launch the first of three public betas of the OS in May.

Google is giving developers this much time to update their apps for a number of reasons.

With a one year gap, Google can ensure backwards compatibility for older devices that will not get Android 11 right away. And it’ll ensure that any significant API changes don’t immediately break apps.

Additionally, according to AP, most apps will work from the get-go with no update necessary.

So far, Android 11 features a better notification setup, screen recording and chat bubbles. Learn more about Android 11 here.

Source: Android Police