Google Assistant can play music on a Sonos speaker by default

You wouldn't know these companies are fighting

If you own a Google smart speaker and a Sonos device, the two pieces of hardware now work together a lot better.

Previously, you could only ask Google to play music on a Sonos speaker, but now with the new update, you can preset your Sonos as your default speaker.

To do this, go into the Google Home app then navigate to a Google Assistant-enabled device, like a Nest Mini, and open up its settings. From there you should see an option called ‘Default media playback,’ although, this is a server-side update so not everyone will have it. Then you can choose your Sonos speaker and you’re good to go. The full process is listed below:

Google Home > Google Assistant-enabled device > Settings > Default media playback > Sonos speaker.

You can even add multiple Sonos speakers to be default so that more than one speaker can play music at a time.

The weirdest part about this feature is that Sonos is currently suing Google because it’s alleging that the search giant is infringing on its wireless audio patents with Google Home’s multi-room audio feature.

Source: Android Police